SpeedUp Service

One-Time Cost

  • Swift Performance Plugin Install & Setup
  • Image Optimize
  • Plugin Review & Pruning
  • 404 & Bad Request Review & Repair
  • Content Delivery Network Setup (optional, powered by Cloudflare)
  • Database Optimize & Clean
  • Anti-heartbeat Setup
  • PHP7 Upgrade
  • Redirecting HTTP to HTTPS
  • Before and After Speed Report

Why is website performance important?

  • Google does not rank a site high if it does not load quick.
  • High Average time-on-page, better chances to show up on search SERP(Search Engine Results Page).
  • More than 80% of people close the site if it does not load within 3 seconds. The average user has no patience for slow websites.
  • Better user experience, low bounce rates.

What is included in this Detailed service

WP Rocket Cache Plugin Install & Setup

I will install and setup WP Rocket ($49 value) on your site. I have hand selected this premium plugin based on extensive speed testing which has been getting raving reviews in the WordPress Speed Up Facebook Group. You will have a lifetime license for this plugin.

Blacklist Removal

The database saved website content and data. Over time databases can become bloated storing tons of info that your site does not need anymore, taking up valuable space. I will do a detailed optimization of your entire database.

Install And Setup Security Plugins

Images are usually the largest component that can be a massive drag on the load time of each page within your website. I will not only optimize all the current images you have but make sure that going forward all images you add to your site will automatically be optimized for SPEED.

Anti-heartbeat Setup

Especially for larger sites or sites where a lot of users are logged into at once, the WordPress Heartbeat starts sending excessive requests to your server which can lead to high CPU usage. I will reconfigure your heartbeat settings to ensure that this used properly with no SPEED leaks.

Plugin Review & Pruning

Duplicated and outdated plugins are a huge problem when it comes to WordPress speed. Often this is something as simple as having multiple SEO plugins installed which is bad for both speed AND your Google rankings.
I review all your plugin to make sure they’re actually all required or being used, that none are providing duplicate functionality or causing conflicts somewhere in your site.

404 & Bad Request Review & Repair

It’s not unusual to find spelling errors in code or some other issue that is causing images or breaks or bad requests to your server. Broken links in your CSS, JavaScript and image URLs can negatively affect your website speed, resulting in reduced traffic and conversions, they also damage your rankings. I review all elements that your site loads to ensure they’re not timing out or resulting in a 404 error.

Content Delivery Network Setup (optional, powered by Cloudflare)

Content Delivery Network can Faster load times for web and mobile users, Quickly scalable during times of heavy traffic, Minimizes risk of, traffic spikes at the point of origin, ensuring site stability, Decreases infrastructure costs due to traffic offloading (less load on origin). Cloudflare.com is a fantastic service and recommend it to all customers (the free service is all you need).

Install SSL

HTTPS ensures all data transmitted between your website and your visitors is encrypted, improves the render and load speed of your site and will get a slight ranking to boost. I will migrate your site to HTTPS using either the free Letsencrypt.org service (if your host supports it) or I’ll provide a Comodo SSL cert for you.

PHP7 Upgrade

In the tests, PHP 7 provides a roughly 1.8x increase in performance compared to PHP 5.x which is the version of PHP your website is probably running. As part of speed service, I run a PHP7 compatibility check and will upgrade your hosting environment to PHP7 if your site supports it.

Before and After Speed Report

You will receive a detailed report on the SPEED OPTIMIZATION of your site. The report will include a snapshot of before doing our magic and details of what has improved after I have worked through his proven methods of WordPress SPEED INCREASE.



Before And After Speed tests From GTMETRIX



Contact Me


You've got questions? I've got answers.

The login I need is a WordPress administrator level password, FTP or Cpanel access and domain registrar login for your Cloudflare migration.

There will number of issues I can’t optimize for: – Site using too many external files like share facebook, pinterest, google map, etc.. The only solution is to remove them. – Hosting without GZIP mode. – Hosting is TOO Slow.

Speed testing tool of choice is GTmetrix – https://gtmetrix.com/

Speed service covers a single site, if you need help with more than 1 site you can adjust the quantity during the checkout process.

Probably, it depends on how many sites you have in your network. Count each site on your network as a standalone site so you’ll need to purchase a Speed service for each site you want to be fixed.

Yes! Nearly half the sites I work on are Woocommerce sites that are running slowly. Typically I can have your Woocommerce site loading in under 3 seconds BUT you’ll need to be on moderately good hosting.

If you’re using Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostgator, A Small Orange or any other EIG owned company you’ll probably need to move to get your site loading super fast.

Typically we’ll recommend these 3 options for customers on a poor quality web host: